English Course

Level A2 = Basic user - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

The teaching goals

  1. Understanding

    1.1. Listening:
           understand phrases and the highest frequency vocabulary related to
           areas of most immediate personal relevance (basic personal and family
           information, shopping, local area, employment);
           catch the main point in short, simple messages and announcements

    1.2. Reading:
           read short, simple texts
           find specific information in simple everyday material (advertisements,
           prospectuses, menus and timetables)
           understand short simple personal letters

  2. Speaking

    2.1. Spoken interaction:
           communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange
           of information on familiar topics and activities
           handle short social exchanges

    2.2. Spoken production:
           use a series of phrases and sentences to describe the family and other people,
           living conditions, the educational background and the job

  3. Writing

           write short, simple notes and messages
           write simple personal letters

Competences acquired in this course:

  • Understand simple phrases and frequently used expressions related to personal issues
    (personal information, family, shopping, work)

  • Communicate in simple tasks and exchange direct information on familiar and
    routine activities

  • Describe family, personal education, immediate surroundings

  • Communicate on issues of immediate personal relevance